The Charge Sheath Vortex and the Tornado

They are not peer reviewed theories! You need to apply careful scientific logic to them.

The theories in this site are based entirely on conventional physics. There are no claims of magic or strange forces. The laws of nature are not bent or twisted to support some weird theories. If you can show that the hypotheses set out below are false, then let me, and everyone else know exactly why – but you must argue from the basic principles of science. Don’t quote me a university text book or a Victorian vicar that states that “It cannot be possible”. Follow my arguments step by step, and then identify the flaws in the logic.

We start by looking at what happens in Lightning

Something as commonplace as a lightning discharge should be accurately described by meteorological textbooks - but they talk of positive lightning and return strokes. Can they be serious?

Read on to see how this develops into the charged sheath vortex theory.

Ball Lightning

Charge Sheath Vortex - Plasma Production Modes

Charge sheath vortex basics

Charge sheath vortex basics for tornado

The charged sheath vortex:

to Controlled Nuclear Fission - more likely than fusion

The Tornado

Risk of another Crustal Overturn is still high!

The Mercury Vortex Rail Gun

to Controlled Nuclear Fusion

Charge Sheath Vortex: A minature tornado in the laboratory

A simple unified theory of everything


The Structure of the Tornado

How a Charge Sheath Vortex Explains the Observations

- A Self Organised Structure for the Tornado

Parameters for Vortex Formation - Charge Sheath and Ball Lightning

The Charge Sheath Tornado Controls Fusion in the Sun

Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe

Flight 587 destroyed by a charge sheath vortex

Dust Storms on Mars - Charge Tornadoes ?

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