The Tornado, Lightning and the Charge Sheath Vortex - Science and Technology


The Tornado, Lightning and the Charge Sheath Vortex - Science and Technology

The theories in this site are based entirely on conventional physics. There are no claims of magic or strange forces. The laws of nature are not bent or twisted to support some weird theories. If you can show that the hypotheses set out below are false, then let me, and everyone else know exactly why – but you must argue from the basic principles of science. Don’t quote me a university text book or a Victorian vicar that states that “It cannot be possible”. Follow my arguments step by step, and then identify the flaws in the logic. Time and again, the reaction of the scientist or layman having this theory explained is “now you have explained it – it is obvious! However can it have been overlooked?” Many thousands of scientists and layman have now studied these theories. No one has yet provided the evidence to refute them. For the scientist, the following is a hypothesis – how can anyone be certain. Read the hypothesis, then see how the evidence accumulates to support it. Above all, think for yourself!


Tornado Experiments - Latest

Introducing the tornado experiments

Modes of plasma charge sheath structures - torus
A Charge Sheath Tornado in the laboratory

A simple fusion gun

Strong support for the theory as the basic physics is confirmed in the lab!
plasma from a gun
Published by S. C. Hsu and P. M. Bellan
    California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, USA

When you have studied the pages you are welcome to join the discussion, but please note that any claims you make for or against these theories should be backed by scientific reasoning that can be developed from first principles.



Something as commonplace as a lightning discharge should be accurately described by meteorological textbooks - but they talk of positive lightning and return strokes. Can they be serious?
Here is a theory of lightning that doesn't break all the rules of physics.


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